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Get to know your city

Citieo helps people interact with their city like never before. With augmented digital media solutions, we help cities stay connected to the community.

Citieo Compass

Citieo Compass gives your city a fun, family-friendly outdoor activity! Combining a scavenger hunt with a walking tour, tourists and residents can just download the app on their phone and start walking! What better way to show off a cute walkable downtown, great city parks, or local landmarks! Citieo Compass apps tie-in with your city's AWP site, showing upcoming events for the day as destinations. Citieo Compass is sure to draw a crowd!

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Citieo Sites

Citieo Sites is an AI-powered local journalism platform for news and events. We automate the everyday and repetitive work that accompanies most local news outlets by writing articles for you, filling in the event calendar automatically, and posting to social media at the perfect time to maximize engagement.