Citieo helps small cities act like big cities

With Citieo you can engage with citizens and visitors like big cities do. Simple to get started with low administrative overhead, Citieo lets your city come alive!


AI-powered writing

With Citieo's AI-powered augmented writing system, you can keep fresh content flowing even if you're not able to write today! Just flip a switch and we'll take care of it until you get back!
We'll also fill in your event calendar, find trending topics and the latest businesses, and make sure you have everything you need to succeed! Don't worry about a thing!


Easy to set up

Citieo is easy to set up and easy to configure. With our simple-yet-powerful admin page, all you need to do is enter your city's name and hit enter! It's that easy!



Robust Blogging Platform

Citieo has a feature-packed blogging platform just like you'd expect! Keep your audience up to date with news and stories!


Events Calendar

An events calendar with automatic Facebook import makes it simple for visitors to see what is happening in your city at any moment.


It's better with social

With the ability to post directly to Facebook, we're tightly integrated in the new world of social media!