Blogging is hard. We make it easier.

Blogging is a major time commitment. Not only does it take time to write, it takes time to research what you're writing about. It takes time to keep up-to-date on everything. It takes time to promote your content. And if you skip a beat you run the risk of losing readers. And if you're representing a small city, it's even harder. Budgets are smaller, your audience is limited, and tech skills are often lower. Everything is working against you.

That's exactly why Citieo was created. We do the research for you. Click into your personalized dashboard and you'll find a list of things to do today. Keep exploring and you'll see what's hot in your area, you'll find the latest updates from all the local taste-makers, and you'll see what your readers really care about.

And have you ever sat staring at a blank page, trying to figure out what to write? We've all been there. But not anymore: Citieo will start writing for you, filling in a great outline from information we already know, written in natural English. All you need to do is click edit, provide your own voice, and hit "publish". It's that easy!

But what happens if you need to take a day off? No problem! Just flick the Autopilot switch and we'll handle it for you! We'll write up to one post every day about businesses and events your readers will really care about to keep that content flowing until you get back.

With Citieo, it really is that easy.