Case Study: Everyday Rockford

Everyday Rockford is Citieo’s flagship site. With a large, established audience and site owners engaged in the local community,  Everyday Rockford provides the model for all Citieo communities. In fact, Citieo was created specifically with Everyday Rockford in mind!


Everyday Rockford was started in May of 2016 as a Wordpress site. The owners of the site found it difficult to keep up-to-date on the events and news around their city, finding it necessary to follow dozens of Facebook pages and other social media outlets, talking face to face with business owners, and generally putting in a ton of effort just to know what was happening around them. With all that work, they figured others may be interested as well, so they started a blog with an events calendar. Events were added by hand once a week, and posts were written sporadically as they found time in their busy schedule. 


Everyday Rockford developed a moderate audience, but keeping fresh content and the latest events up to date still proved to be a struggle. 


Out of this struggle came Citieo. With the ability to not only update its own event calendar but also learn and discover what events and businesses are in the area, the event calendar takes care of itself. Distribution of these events is also taken care of with automatic posts to Facebook as events happen. 


The problem then came that small sites run by one or two people are impacted by work schedules, vacations, and other life events. They just couldn’t write blog posts sometimes! They just couldn’t attend every event! That’s where Citieo Autopilot came in. Now when the Everyday Rockford team can’t keep enough content flowing, Autopilot steps in and keeps the hits coming. 


So what are the lessons here?


Content is king. 

It's hard to write every day, or sometimes every week. Citieo's augmented writing system helps by providing you with fresh recommendations every day, while Autopilot makes sure your content keeps rolling even if you're not able to write.


Small cities need help. 

Big cities have big money and big events. Small cities are often ignored, even though they have so much to offer. This creates a huge demand that normally would take too much time and effort to fulfil for the relatively small audience size. Citieo evens out that balance and lets small cities and neighborhoods compete with far larger downtowns.


Nothing beats local

There's so much happening in your neighborhood that you might not even know about. Citieo's artificial intelligence finds all of these events and local businesses and tracks them in one convenient location.


Is Citieo right for you?


Citieo is made for small, high interest areas like downtown Rockford MI. For a more detailed rundown, check out our Is Citieo Right For Me checklist!