What is Citieo?

Citieo is an augmented writing platform designed for small cities.

Now hold on a second… what is augmented writing? Citieo is a blog/news platform, but with a twist: we’re deeply integrated with a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) system. This AI is able to discover local businesses and organizations, compile their information into easily-readable formats, fill out its own event calendar, post to Facebook, and even write its own news articles!

The first step is discovery. We pull in as many relevant businesses as we can find, and as many local events as we can find. We take a moment to link businesses with the events, and events with the businesses. Citieo is focused on small cities, so we find what’s happening in your area and make sure the world knows about it.

But the real magic of Citieo is still to be discovered. Writing a blog post or a news article isn’t all purely creative work… some of it can be straight drudgery! Filling out the metadata, for example. You need keywords, you need an image, you need tags. But all of this distracts from writing! That’s where Citieo’s augmented writing system steps in. We’ll fill in that information for you! Of course you have the opportunity to double check our work and edit it to your heart’s content, but it’s one less step you need to take.

But we don’t stop there. The name of the game is content creation. SEO, hit counts, advertising revenue, it all depends on a steady stream of solid content pouring out of your finger tips. And if you miss a day? A week? Heaven forbid, a month? It can happen! Emergencies in the family, health crisis, traveling for your day job, computer malfunctions, anything can go wrong. That’s where we’ve really got your back.

Citieo’s Autopilot is here to save you. No computer could ever replace you, no machine can write as beautifully as you can, no metal and glass can replace your priceless fingers. But we can help. If you need to step away for a while, for any length of time, you can turn on Autopilot and we’ll handle all the hard work for you until you get back. We’ll find the hottest events and latest happenings, we’ll gather as much data as we can, and we’ll start writing articles on your behalf.

So take a break… you’ve earned it! Citieo is augmented writing, designed specifically for small cities.